Owner Finacing A Home In Todays Real Estate Market GASellers have been put through the ringer in the last 3 years and now they want to buy again and due to a personal foreclosure or short sale, need to wait years to get a mortgage through a lender/ bank/ or financial institution. I get it! I receive phone calls from buyers looking for owner financing properties for sale so they can avoid leasing and get into a home NOW!

Owner Financing Homes, Townhomes and Condos Around The North Atlanta Area

When part or all of the purchase price, less the buyer’s down payment, is carried by the seller, the seller is providing owner financing. Instead of going to the bank, the buyer gives a financing instrument to the seller as evidence of the loan and makes payments to the seller.The security instrument is generally recorded in the public records, which protects both parties.

Owner financing typically becomes an option for a seller in a buyers market where the seller can not seem to sell the home in a traditional fashion. Then again, it may be that the seller wants to list the home both ways if this option is not a burden for the seller financially.

If the property is free and clear, meaning the seller has clear title without any loans, the seller might agree to carry all the financing. In that instance, the buyer and seller agree upon an interest rate, monthly payment amount and term of the loan, and the buyer pays the seller for the seller’s equity on an installment basis.

Handing Over Money For Rent Building 0 Equity
Simply give us a call if this is an option you are looking at instead of leasing, since rent and lease prices seem to be going up with the high demand, and no equity is being built on your behalf. Also feel free to give us a call if you are a seller looking to sell or lease to purchase your home. We look forward to hearing from you!