Lofts Are An Affordable And Popular Way To Live In And Around The City Of Atlanta. Check Out These Great Loft Properties Located In Neighborhoods In Atlanta And Surrounding Counties North As Well!

*1023 Juniper Lofts
15 Waddell Lofts
190 Walker Street Lofts
330 Peters Lofts
5300 Lofts
*805 Peachtree Lofts
A&P Lofts
Allied Factory Lofts
Aristocrat Lofts
*Arizona Lofts
Art Foundry Lofts
*Atkins Park Lofts
Backstreet Lofts
Beeline Lofts
Bernuna Ave Lofts
Block Lofts
*Blue Stone Lofts
Buckhead Village Lofts
Candler Park Warehouse Lofts
*Caroline Street Lofts
Carroll Street Lofts
*Castleberry Hill Loftman Lofts
Castleberry Point Lofts
Centennial House Loft
Central Park Lofts
Century Lofts
Church Street Lofts
City Space Lofts
City View Lofts
*City Walk
Clifton Place Lofts
Copenhill Lofts
Cornerstone Village Lofts
Couer D Allene
Crown Candy Lofts
Deer Lofts
Dynamic Metal Lofts
*Eco Lofts
Edgewood Lofts
Factory Lofts Condo
Fair And Walker Lofts
Fairside Lofts
Freedom Lofts
Gasket City Lofts
GE Lofts
Giant Lofts
Glen Iris Lofts
Gordon Lofts
Greenwood Lofts
Grinnell Lots
Hastings Seed Lofts
Heritage Lofts Of Chamblee
Highland Green
Highland School Lofts
Hill Street Lofts
*Inman Park Village Lofts
Inman School House
Johnson & Johnson Lofts
Juniper Lofts
Kessler City Lofts
Kingan & Company Lofts
Kirkwood School Lofts
La France Street Lofts
Lexington Lofts
Liberty Lofts
Locust Lofts
Loftman Lofts
Lofts At 5300
Lofts At Belvedere
Lofts At Integrity Plaza
Lofts At Reynoldstown Crossing
Lofts At The Park
Lofts Of East Point
Lofts On The Square
Machine Shop Lofts
Marble Lofts
Marietta Mill Lofts
Market Lofts
Mathieson Exchange Lofts
McClaren Mill Loft
Metropolitan At Phipps
*Midcity Lofts
Midtown Lofts
Milltown Lofts
Moreland Lofts
Mueller Lofts
*Mural Lofts
Nugrape Lofts
Olde Ivy Lofts
Peachtree Lofts-878
Peachtree Malone Lofts
Peters Street Lofts
Pickle Factory Lofts
Piedmont Park West Lofts
Pioneer Neon Lofts
Ponce Springs Lofts
*Renaissance Lofts
Sager Lofts
Schoolhouse Lofts
Sessions Street Lofts
Shoe Factory Lofts
*Sky Lofts Atlanta
*Skylofts Condominium
Somar Lofts
South Park Lofts
Southern Bearing Lofts
Storage Deopt Lofts
Storehouse Lofts
*Studioplex Lofts
Sutherland Place Lofts
Swift And Company Lofts
Swift Co Lofts
Talley Street Lofts
The Bottle Works
The Factory Lofts
The Giant Lofts
The Grinnell Lofts
The Lofts At 5300
The Lofts At Integrity Square
The Metropolitan
*The Stacks
Tribute Lofts
Troy Peerless Lofts
*Twelve Atlantic Station
Urban Lofts Maynard Terrace
*View At Chastain
Waddell Street Lofts
Walker Street Lofts
Warehouse Lofts At Candler Park
Waters Grocery Loft
West Lumber Lofts
*White Provision
William Oliver