How To Find Your Home!

I have been working in this Real Estate profession for quite a while now and I have not seen so much disappointment from potential buyers as I do now. Here is what I am hearing on a daily basis.

Why when I find a home on your website, and save it to my favorites, within a week it has gone under contract with another buyer?

My answer, you should have called me as soon as you saw that home of interest like the other guy did with his or her agent. Good homes, the ones that shine, and are priced right in this shrinking inventory, are selling fast. Sometimes the very day a home is listed, the house can have more than one offer and it goes to the best and highest.

The Home In Pending In North Atlanta GA

Big change from even this time last year. Foreclosures and Short Sale have been bought up by investors, homes owners and flipped, rented or moved in to. The economy is coming back to life and the interest rates are beginning to climb a bit. Now is still the time to buy a home.

New listings come on the market every day and our job, and yours, is to have good communication about what you want to see and when both parties are available ASAP so the next home you do really love on the website, can be yours and not someone else’s.

Check Out Our Buyers Real Estate RE/MAX Website

Give us a call or email directly from our website so we can be sure that you are receiving the kind of listings with the details that you are looking for in a property and then lets go shopping to see your favorites!