I am often ask as a Remax agent, what is “As Is” mean on your website attached to a home for sale? An “as-is” home sale proposition releases home sellers from liabilities and repairs stemming from the home’s condition post-sale. That doesn’t mean a prospective buyer can’t request an inspection. It just means that the seller is not responsible for whatever the buyer discovers in that inspection. So if the inspection reveals issues, the buyer, if within their due diligence, can choose to buy the home with the issues and make repairs themselves, or get out of the purchase and sale agreement contract.

A Home Sold As Is

I would have to say though that most sellers choose to remodel somewhat to make there home shine and sell fast! Check Out And Visit Homes That Have Been Recently Remodeled To Sell In The Georgia MLS.

Most sellers that I work with want to actually have small repairs and upgrades made to the home before listing. An example would be to put granite or hard surface counters in the kitchen and sometimes even upgrade the bathrooms as well. I always suggest to paint rooms that are not neutral colors or at least De-clutter walls with personal family pictures, so the potential buyer does not feel like they are walking through a home that is owned by a family but instead can see themselves in the home.

I remind the seller to remember what a model of a new construction home looks like or their favorite furniture store. Art work here and there, but not wedding pictures etc. See your home as a stranger who has never seen you home will see it. Call or email if you would like us to suggest fixes you may be wanting to make to your home before listing it and we can give you suggestions of where best to put your money and enjoy “Your Journey To Home”!